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***The Sennheiser HD500A headphones have been discontinued by Sennheiser and are no longer available to purchase. 


We recommend the SOUNDS headphones for your Therapeutic Listening® needs as they are specifically designed for Therapeutic Listening.   Features: In addition to being very high quality headphones for general listening, HD500A headphones have been designed specifically for use with Therapeutic Listening® music albums.


Two-year warranty provided by Sennheiser “BioNetic” design offers comfort for children and adults Padded, adjustable headband Supra-aural, open aire design Improved audio technology (see features & specifications below) Sennheiser patented dampening element for controlling diaphragm oscillation Duofol diaphragm to reduce standing waves Computer-optimized magnet systems minimize harmonic and intermodulation distortion Detachable, 9.8-foot single-sided OFC (oxygen-free copper) cable Fully modular parts for easy repair Fresh, balanced sound and powerful clear delivery of higher harmonics Soft velour ear cushions Vinyl replacement ear cushions available from Vital Sounds

Sennheiser HD500A Headphones

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