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Elements of Music

  • This music selection has classical pieces from Bach and Carulli
  • This music lends itself to helping with organization, focus and structure
  • Played by small groups of musicians, thus helping with following the melody (sequencing) and not overwhelming one with a full orchestra
  • The combinations are: Flute and Piano Flute and Guitar Violin, Flute and Guitar
  • The rhythms, as well as, the tempos vary Several tracks feature a structural persistent beat, helping with task completion
  • Offers a clear auditory space, while also providing richness in the textures contained within the matrix of benign nature surround
  • Overall a very strong CD for organization and discrimination


Clinical Application

  • Refinement of spatial awareness and spatial organization
  • Difficulties with academic organization, motivation, and attention
  • Refinement of postural organization and facilitating grounded attention outward due to the melodies that invite a focused attentiveness while keeping the space around you present

Nature Classics Modified

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