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Listening with the Whole Body: Clinical Concepts and Treatment Guidelines for Listening with the Whole Body The concepts presented in this book are meant to accompany other training options for those interested in the clinical practice of occupational therapy and sensory integration.


The focus of this material is on using listening as a tool to help struggling kids and adults organize their inner world and their outer experience.


Therapeutic Listening is original work nested in a solid professional tradition. Always the emphasis is on personalizing the work to the needs of a particular client. Sheila Frick and Sally Young have done successfully that which is the hardest task in applied research. They have taken to heart the maxim: Ideas should be as simple as possible – but no simpler!


They have made complex materials accessible without compromising the integrity of the ideas. Therapeutic Listening stands as an insightful and fascinating approach.


This text is intended as a companion guide to the Therapeutic Listening: Listening with the Whole Body therapist training. 3rd Edition – Copyright 2019

Listening with the Whole Body

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