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Brain Sense Therapy

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We are very happy to have the opportunity to develop Brain Sense Therapy Limited. We are two Specialist Occupational Therapists with extensive experience working with children, young people, families and adults. Brain Sense Therapy has been established to develop and spread the use of Therapeutic Listening Program®.



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Brain Sense Therapy is an opportunity for us to share our passion for using the Therapeutic Listening Program®. We aim to share the knowledge we have gained through our years of experience using the programme within the NHS and private practice. We have consistently seen the positive changes that the Therapeutic Listening Program has made for our clients functional, emotional, academic and sensory challenges.


We are passionate about using the Therapeutic Listening Program to improve people's lives.

We have worked closely with Sheila Frick, OTR the founder of the Therapeutic Listening Program®. We have both been trained by Sheila to an Advanced level and have been privileged to be chosen to attend her Beyond Therapeutic Listening training in the US.

Brain Sense Therapy is our innovative company established to provide specialist training courses, individualised and group mentorship and supply specialist equipment for therapists and families using or wishing to use the Therapeutic Listening Program®.

Therapeutic Listening is a highly individualised, music based tool that activates listening to help people tune­in to and respond to their world. High quality music, recorded specifically for Therapeutic Listening, is altered to exaggerate the sounds that naturally capture attention and tap into the parts of the brain involved in regulating bodily functions, relating to others, and organizing behaviour.

We are passionate about using the Therapeutic Listening Program to improve people's lives.

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Therapeutic Listening



Brain Sense provides accredited Therapeutic Listening training courses as part of the Vital Links faculty. These sessions are run regularly throughout the year. and can be found under courses below.


Brain Sense also Masterclasses on the use of sound tools in practice to support functional performance. These classes are for therapists trained in Therapeutic Listening. Topics may be tailored to your setting as required, e.g.


Exploring the Qualities of Modulated Music

Sensory Defensiveness and the use of Sound

Using music to support Regulation and Emotional Control

Applying Therapeutic Listening in Practice


We offer all of these courses as bespoke, individual & in house training sessions upon